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It's all Britain and Adam Smith's Fault.

British Reparations.org - The International Coalition for British Reparations

Contact: Laura Price
Public Relations Director
International Coalition for British Reparations

Global Financial Crisis Blame Lies with Britain

October 23, 2008-The last few months have seen the global financial system
slide into the worst crisis since the Great Depression. While many ¡®pundits¡¯
have sought to place the blame for these unfortunate circumstances on
excessive greed amongst Wall Street brokers and poor regulatory policy in
America¡¯s capital, acclaimed people¡¯s historian, voice of the American
people and critically acclaimed author of The Evil Empire, Steven Grasse
believes the root causes of the crisis lie on the other side of the great
Atlantic Ocean in Britain. One must look no further than the face of the ¡Ì20
note and the banks of the River Thames to find those responsible.

To understand the current financial crisis Grasse says, we must first look
to one Adam Smith, author of The Wealth of Nations, ¡®father of modern
economics¡¯ and a Brit.

Once again, British hubris, greed and complete indifference towards other
nations, races, and cultures has landed the world in a catastrophic
predicament that will cost trillions of dollars to fix, and will destroy the
lives of untold numbers of families the world over. In our tireless pursuit
of justice, The International Coalition for British Reparations has decided
to push for an additional ¡Ì3.2 trillion payment from the British Government
to cover the initial round of government bailouts taking place all over the
world. The ICBR plans on adding to this amount as the true cost of the
meltdown reveals itself overtime.

This brings the current total of reparations owed to the citizens of the
world by the British government to a staggering ¡Ì35,160,000,000,000.

Thanks love for sending me that, I'm sure Gordon will send a cheque round first thing. I would join in the whip round but I'm a bit skint at the moment.


No problem- any country can apply to have its wealth restored to the level at Adam Smith's death- any surplus to her majety.

It must be getting late. I missed a few words from your closing sentence the first time, and mis-read it as "...I'll send the Whip round..." (!)

Well, informed opinion seems strongly to indicate that Britain and the USA were the cause of the present situation, in that if neither had messed up as they both clearly have, the world wouldn't now be in this situation. I'm not sufficiently expert to be able to authoritatively either endorse or deny those claims, but I think we have to be prepared for the possibility that this country is largely to blame. That of course means Gordon Brown more than anyone else, by far, which comes as no surprise to anyone nowadays...

I thought this was a one off joke, but it seems these people have a website and everything (link)! Apparently things such as the machine gun being a British invention mean it was all our fault. Apparently we are guilty of forcing people to "take on British[sic] language". The industrial revolution - global warming's our fault then.

I say our fault, I consider myself English, not British, in fact maybe I should ask Gordon "shared British values" Brown for some compensation. At least I know he's directly responsible for taking my actual money (and borrowing on behalf of my children and my children's children ad infinitum).

Ok, they've just claimed we invented Black Death. It must be a spoof. Pity there's such idiots out there it's hard to tell what is spoof and what isn't!

No win no fee! Where there's blame there's a claim! Got to be worth a try, hasn't it? We're all living in a grievance culture now.

I find it rich that the descendant of European colonists should be reading us moral lectures - we should support the Mexica Movement, which seeks to repatriate all non-indigenous people in North America, including Steven Grasse.

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