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Overseas Aid

Destination Moon: historic day as India launches first space mission - Times Online
“Chandrayaan is a scientific mission, but it also has implications for global geopolitics. It’s like a coming-out party for India.”

Burning our money: According to the Department for International Development (DfID), India is the top recipient of UK aid: over the last five years we've given them £1045m, and there'll be a further £825m by 2011.
To which the only response is why?

In related news...

Britain plans to stop giving China £39m a year in aid under Tory plans after the country spent £20billion on Beijing Olympics | The Sun |News
...the UK gave China £38.6million in aid last year.

Shadow international development secretary Andrew Mitchell: “Many British taxpayers would be astonished to learn that we are still giving aid to China. Our aid budget is the fruit of the hard work of British people. It must be spent wisely."


Is there a sane reason to believe that the eventual price tag for the 2012 Olympics will be any less than the Chinese one?

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