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Local Speeding News

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....6% of accidents are caused by people breaking speed limits and yet almost 100% of the government's road safety money is being invested in speed cameras.. recent changes in the way that government handles the huge amounts of money that these things make has led to common sense starting to prevail

Councillors in Swindon have voted to stop funding the town's speed cameras. The Wiltshire town's borough council is believed to be the first in England to withdraw funding for fixed cameras. The revenue from fines generated by the cameras goes to the government, but the Conservative-led borough council pays £320,000 a year to maintain them.

Swindon may be a dump but it has always been a car friendly dump, which is why if I am forced to shop I tend to go there. Other towns please note.


I note that it says that they're withdrawing funding for fixed cameras. Will they be cutting talivans as well, I wonder?

Car friendly? Are we talking about the same Swindon? The one with the Magic Roundabout?* Legend has it that there are primitive communities living in the middle of it, consisting of travellers who, having blundered into it, have never navigated their way out again.

* a pentagonal arrangement of roundabouts that causes joy in the hearts of urban planners and terror in anyone else.

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