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Churchillian Phrases

Renewable energy - 'Massive shake-up needed to meet targets' - Telegraph

A Churchillian effort will be needed if Britain is to meet to meet the 15 per cent target (imposed by the EU) of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020, Peers have warned.

Much will depend on the Government being able to persuade the public to use less power and to begin thinking about producing their own electricity at home - so called micro generation.

To achieve this planning laws will have to be shunted aside and Ministers given more powers to drive through renewable energy schemes even when there is local opposition.

So the silencing of public opposition and the destruction of inconvenient laws to do the bidding of our Continental masters is now described as Churchillian. Have they no shame?


This is being driven by the NGO's in conjunction with the agenda "scientists" and unfortunately the Tory energy document is based on exactly the same FoE agenda, with a big emphasis on "micro-generation" and "feed in tariffs".

The Present Value of microgeneration devices is less than their installation and lifetime maintenance cost in almost all circumstances. They are little more than an appeal to magic.

Surely "Up with this I will not put" is the appropriate Churchillian response to this nonsense.

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