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Hutton proposes Army surrender to the French

John Hutton backs European army - Times Online
John Hutton has become the first defence secretary to back a French plan for a European army, branding those who dismiss it as “pathetic”.

Hutton said: “France is one of our closest allies, militarily. The French believe very strongly in this type of role. If we can support it, we should. I’m not one of those EU haters [who think] anything to do with the EU must by definition be terrible. There’s plenty of them around. I think frankly those kind of views are pathetic”

Nothing wrong with joint operations with the French, holding the line whilst they have lunch for instance, but this is an anti-NATO anti-American move, trying to divert resources from NATO and our own national interests to a glorious Napoleonic Europe. Add me to the ranks of the "pathetic".


Be fair look how good the "euro" approved mine proof vehicles have proven to be, rapid response force no doubt looking into getting there in the next year or so. How about the helicopter that had the rotor brake often engage in flight. No european joint military adventures have a common theme running through, failure mostly, accidental-never. Of course it is a bad idea, when looked at from an englishmans viewpoint, but wonderful when looking from the viewpoint of the authors of the end of banking freedom, fresh from their runaway success last week. Me, im doing my best rat impersonation and leaving the sinking ship, if the nice Mr Darling is reading this, you are too late to copy the nice Mr Wilson and restrict us to taking £25 sterling out each trip, mine is allready in Canada.

Good luck, Chris. I wish I were younger and richer,or I would do the same.

It came to me in full horror today just what the elimination of the nation state would mean for liberty. If they ever manage to do away with national armed forces, on top of the disarming of the citizen, goodbye liberty, or what's left of it.

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