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Mine's a pint of GM

Breakthroughs, tips and trends: October 25th - Times Online
BEER drinkers could get many of the health benefits that wine sippers enjoy, thanks to genetic-engineering students at Rice University, Texas.

They are adding genes to brewer's yeast, so that during the brewing process the fungi should produce resveratrol, the chemical in wine that has been shown to reduce cancer and heart disease in lab tests.

The “BioBeer” is an entrant in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Prize in Massachusetts next month.

Ouch, the clash between "healthy food" and GM fiddling (and beer) - it must be frying some brains out there - luckily not mine. As GM foods increasingly provide boosts for health, whether the trivial beer for Texans (Do Texans actually know what beer is?) or real vitamin advantages for the third world then these clashes will become more frequent and important.
It is important that we should stand up for what is right now to counter the shrill condemnations by the eco-luddites.


There are some pretty good micro-breweries in Texas. You just need to know where to look...
My local when I lived in Austin was NXNW, just off the Capitol Of Texas Highway. They had some tasty beers.

Excellent. It's good to see that researchers in my old field keep coming up with good stuff and that it is appreciated.

I didn't know lab tests got heart disease and cancer......

As a precaution I suggest not giving it to children.

"Do Texans actually know what beer is?"

Short answer: no.
Longer answer: no, not really.
Still longer answer: only when compared to crap like Budweiser and Miller, do Texan micro-brews look okay.
Very long answer: regardless of how many people tout Texas beer like Shiner and the micro-brews, it's still all over-fizzy piss. If you were to somehow get rid of the fizz, and warm it up, they might taste somewhat like some of the more-mediocre John Courage sub-brands.

Against Wadworth 6X or even Fuller's London Pride, they are all as fleas on an elephant's bottom: noxious when you get close to them, and not worth much.

According to several of my Brit houseguests, the Mexican dark beers (like Negro Modelo) are better than anything else they tasted here.

No, I'm not in a good mood; why do you ask?

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