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Uptown Top Ranking

Tech Central - Times Online - WBLG: Is blogging dead?

The “golden era” of blogging – an odd term for a period so recent and so brief – was never going to last. It was easy enough for a strong, independent voice to stand out from the crowd when the crowd was only a few rows deep.

Blogging no longer gives enthusiasts the chance to top the Google rankings with a carefully crafted post, the argument goes, and without that possibility, it’s neither fresh nor exciting.

Well that is me told then - though I'm still top of Google's rankings for "Hempen rope", can't think why.....


Hmm. Based on what is in some recent comments threads at Guido's site, I suspect that he will come somewhere near the top of a Google search for "lampposts + piano wire"...

Hang on, this is coming from the MSM, the dinosaur press.

So let's put it into some kind of context- It's like a bunch of ugly old spinsters sitting around carping about Carla Bruni, and saying what a shame that the poor girl's feet are too big.

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