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Sheep tagging - some protest.

Police to use handheld fingerprint scanners in the street - Telegraph

Every police force is to be issued handheld fingerprint scanners that will allow officers to carry out identity checks on people in the street. Project Midas would give the police "a full, mobile national capability" to check identities.

In other news:

Unions protest over EID - Meatinfo.co.uk

Farming unions from the UK and the Republic of Ireland turned out in force in Brussels this week to protest against compulsory electronic tagging for sheep.
Representatives from the farming unions of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are in agreement that plans for all sheep in Europe to be electronically tagged by 2010 are unworkable.


Now when I was a young man moving from a small town to a big, vibrant, multicultural city, I wondered why shops in a largely Muslim area were selling Electronic ID cards, till I found out what Eid was.

Now I am more culturally aware I read that headline and wonder why Unions are protesting over a Muslim religious festival.

I am now convinced that it is a New Labour plot to roll out the ID card scheme to Muslims, by sending them all an EID card to carry. Sneaky gits.

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