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Labour - Bottom of the Class

Reform Maths Challenge
As part of our campaign to promote a rigorous maths curriculum, Reform is proud to announce the 2008 Reform maths challenge to coincide with this year’s Party conferences.

The questions have been set by Dr Tony Gardiner, Reader in Mathematics and Mathematics Education at the University of Birmingham, and founder of the UK maths challenge.

We will announce a maths champion from each of the three Party conferences, and we will publish the average score of each Party.

And the answer is:

Labour's sums don't add up

The average scores for each Party conference were:
* Liberal Democrats: 83%
* Conservatives: 71%
* Non-attendees: 71%
* Labour: 65%

Make of that what you will...

Click here to download the Maths Challenge

(Answers here)


I could have told you that Labour would come bottom just by looking at their sums during the financial crisis.

you might want to host this video


it gets to the point about the smirking joker whose screwed things up

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