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Baby, It's Cold Outside

EU Referendum: Let it snow!

The news is that the first big snowstorm of the season in the Northeast USA ....

Snowing here Boss, here in Wiltshire, and not just on the Marlborough Downs...

And yes, we know weather is not climate, but this unseasonably cold weather has not come as a surprise to watchers of Watts up with that and other "climate sceptic" sites. The severe winter last year - which ran well into the Spring - the "quiet sun", the shifts in oceanic current patterns, the behaviour of the Arctic ice and the global temperature trend all point inexorably to one thing – it is going to be cold this winter.

I must go on eBay and buy a generator to keep warm, until Cerys turns up....


A bit early but wonderful anyway.

We mountain people tend to view snow as just an everyday occurrence, but I guess it does occasionally snow there in England, doesn't it?

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