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Fatty Balls Imprisonment Plans For Millions To Help Them Make The Right Choice

Schools 'should keep pupils on premises at lunchtime to fight obesity' - Telegraph

Teenagers should be forced to stay in school at lunchtimes to stop them going out for junk food, Schools Secretary Ed Balls said yesterday.
He also called for councils to stop takeaways from opening near to schools.
He added: "Temptation can be hard to resist but we owe it to future generations to help young people make the right choices about how they want to live their lives."

And you can fuck off too Ed Balls, lock people in, and remember under the new plans people who are old enough to marry are forced to go to school, and prevent businesses opening where the demand is and than call that helping people make the right choices, it is beyond parody.


Saw that and am in two minds.

"...help young people make the right choices..."

By not allowing them any choice at all, is that it?


From my Army stint: "There are three ways to do things. The right way, the wrong way, and the Army way."

Nor will this stop at keeping the pupils captive, some schools [Scotland] which already did so then barred parents from handing lunches through the fence to the prisoners also then proposed searching Mum's CARE packages brought from home and confiscation of cookies and other items.

I can see them having problems trying to confine older pupils at lunchtime and they will have to improve school meals.

It has one side-effect, it means that a school pupil confined to the school premises is not going to be involved in a road accident so accident figures should drop.

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