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Gordon and Jacqboots ID Card Claims Shredded

Gordon Brown's terror claims for ID cards are "bunkum" says GCHQ expert - Telegraph

Gordon Brown's claims that a national ID card scheme would help prevent terrorist attacks are "absolute bunkum" according to a senior Government security adviser.

Harvey Mattinson, a consultant at the information technology arm of GCHQ, said that the only real value of identity cards would be to help state bodies share information about people.

Mr Mattinson is a former senior official at the Cabinet Office who now advises GCHQ's Communications-Electronics Security Group. "We have got to get this right because it is stopping us doing our business. We need biometric as well as biographical data; we will have to build up the information on the chip."

A Home Office spokesman said: "No one has ever claimed ID cards are the complete answer to terrorism or crime. Criminals and terrorists are known to use multiple identities to avoid detection."

An interesting point is that Mr Mattinson was supporting the idea of ID cards so that his employers can build up even more information on us to allow GCHQ to "do its business".


I guess such a policy would omit people using phones acquired and networked overseas. Still as long as they can spy on us, that's ok then.

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