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Wussies on the High Seas

Irons in the Fire: Dealing with pirates

Seems some shipping lines are hiring contractors to protect ships and crews, especially around Somalia. With some of the usual "Oh NO!"

Mody says armed guards onboard ships may encourage pirates to use their weapons or spark an arms race between predators and prey. Currently, pirates often fire indiscriminately during an attack but don't aim to kill or injure crew.

That is because they want to hold the crew hostage, though if they are firing indiscriminately then they aren't aiming at anything...

David Johnson, director of British security firm Eos. "But if you have guns onboard, you are going to escalate the situation. We don't want to turn that part of the world into the Wild West."

Oh yes far better to just hand over the keys and allow yourself to be dragged off to some desert hell hole. I don't think so. There is a method of dealing with pirates that has been tried and tested over many years and it isn't that. Surrender may be the preferred course for ships run by Johnny Foreigner but I would hope anything flying the Red Duster would be aiming to blow them out of the water.

I blame it all on ships not having enough rope and masts these days....


Whilst I share your hankering after masts, I prefer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_ship as a solution.

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