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Comrade Minister Announces Zil Lanes

Motorists face paying tolls to drive on hard shoulder - Telegraph

Within months, officials will draw up plans to create a faster lane for those willing to pay for a quicker journey on the country's busiest roads during the rush hour.

Oh how our Socialist Paradise progresses, do you think Minister's Cars will be free to travel on them without the Man of the People having to pay? And what fun when the bloated plutocrat is speeding down the hard shoulder and my old Morris Oxford breaks down and has to drift into the lane to stop in front of him. Will you let him out into the poor people's lane?


It is appalling. How many times will we have to pay tax in one form or another to get a decent national transport network?

I yearn for a Morris Oxford. Simple, decent transportation, albeit (as noted) prone to strange and wonderful diverse breakages.


There was a story earlier this year from California. Hundreds of state employees of various and sundry ranks were caught using the car pool lane when driving solo. You're only supposed to use it with two or more people in the car. It's against the law. People are fined for it. Laws are supposed to apply to all. Or so our masters tell us...

Were any of those caught punished? Of course not. They are our betters and deserve nothing less than to break laws, that we peasants have to obey, with impunity.

Rope, tree, politician/bureaucrat, some assembly required.

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