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Vescere bracis meis Mr Council!

Councils ban 'elitist' and 'discriminatory' Latin phrases - Telegraph

Local authorities have ordered employees to stop using the words and phrases on documents and when communicating with members of the public and to rely on wordier alternatives instead.
The ban has infuriated classical scholars who say it is diluting the world's richest language and is the "linguistic equivalent of ethnic cleansing".

In instructions to staff, the council said: "Many readers do not have English as their first language so using Latin can be particularly difficult."

More dumbing down - it isn't as though the banned phrases are obscure legal phrases, they have been absorbed into our language and are part of our heritage.

Luckily I have discovered a NSFW source of suitable phrases to use when writing to the council...


I see they are banning "Et cetera", but have no such
prohibition on the much more common "eck cetera".

Alan Douglas

Ah, so that is why the government is getting rid of Habeus Corpus.

Sumus semper in excretum, ed altair variat.

From far away in my student days, so I've probably cocked it up.

A rich language.

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