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Respect for Life

Illegal immigrant who killed graduate will not be deported because of human rights - Telegraph

A judge has ruled that an illegal immigrant who killed an Oxford University graduate by driving into her at 60mph should not be deported.

An immigration tribunal had previously decided that Sabri, who came to Britain in 1998 aged 18 on a student visa, should be sent home to Pakistan as he had overstayed his visa.
However, this decision has been overturned by the High Court after a judge ruled that deporting him would breach his right to "respect for family life".

I feel like coming over all Daily Mail crossed with Richard Littlejohn when you read stuff like that, "respect for family life"... No, 'll leave it for you to complete the rest...


I was rather relieved to hear it was an immigration tribunal. So that wasn't a real judge, although they like to pretend they are. Immigration tribunals are where the wimmin 'n' ethnic quota end up. I suppose it's thought that they do less damage there, although it seems that isn't always the case.

In order to respect her family life this one should be castrated, given hormones, and forced to replace the girl he killed - in the kitchen with him.
As a Muslim under sharia he'd now be worth half of a man, so only drive into him at 30mph when he goes to cross the street.

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