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Duff Message on Europe

Liberal Democrats support EU symbols (Andrew Duff MEP)

Speaking in the debate, Lib Dem leader Andrew Duff, the President of the Union of European Federalists said; ""We all remember the blue flag with the yellow stars in the enormous demonstrations which broke communism and set these countries on the road to EU membership. We all remember the playing of the anthem at the Brandenburg Gate after the fall of the Berlin Wall.. because the symbols inspired the hearts and emotions of ordinary European citizens."

Strangely I don't remember the EU flag being waved at the demonstrations, I have searched Google images and Youtube and can't find any demonstrations then which feature the flag - can you? He couldn't be mistaken could he?

"The Liberal message is that only a stronger and reformed EU can tackle the insecurity of the financial markets, the problem of climate change and the threat of a more assertive Russia. The true British interest lies in a strong Europe - and not in the whingeing and isolationism we get from the Tories."

At least that is clear, he couldn't be mistaken could he?


demonstrations which broke communism - he really meant, "broke ground with Communism" and the anthem they played at the Brandenburg Gate was L'Internationale, the official anthem of Communism...

As usual the EU like to rewrite history, they never mention NATO and always talk as if communism was defeated by the EU.

Englishman, I think you have this wrong.

The words 'we all remember...' are not a reminiscence. They are an instruction.

The flag was only adopted by the EEC in 1984. Does this twerp honestly expect us to believe that we were all so Euro-brainwashed a scant five years later it had embedded itself so far into our consciousness that we attributed the fall of the Berlin Wall to Jacques flippin' Delors? I don't even recall seeing the EU flag flying on a public building in the UK until the mid 90's.

It doesn't really matter, of course, for if there is one thing more fatuous and redundant than a LibDem MP, it is a LibDem MEP.

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