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Always Look on the Bright Side

CentreRight: why an Obama victory is good news for the Tories...tonight's result proves to me, at least, what I argued in an earlier post - that fundamentals always apply.
After eight years of one-party rule in the White House, people want change. Al Gore could not get elected even with a popular President and a booming economy. McCain faced eight years, a tanking economy and an unpopular leader.
Extrapolating, that tells me that no matter if ComRes says our lead is eight points or YouGov says it's ten, Labour will founder badly at the next election and David Cameron will be Prime Minister. I'm sure he will work very well with President Obama. But I'm really looking forward to Sarah Palin's run in 2012!

And whilst I lost on my McCain bets I ended up ahead over the night as I had backed Obama at 3/1 - You can get 11/2 on Pailn in 2012 this morning, not quite good enough to tempt me.


Erm, Gore didn't lose in 2000, he just about won. Seriously.

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