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Rubbish Prices

Recycling waste piles up as prices collapse - Times Online
Thousands of tonnes of rubbish collected from household recycling bins may have to be stored in warehouses and former military bases to save them from being dumped after a collapse in prices.

Collection companies and councils are running out of space to store paper, plastic bottles and steel cans because prices are so low that the materials cannot be shifted. Collections of mixed plastics, mixed paper and steel reached record levels in the summer but the “bottom fell out of the market” and they are now worthless. The plunge in prices was caused by a sudden fall in demand for recycled materials, especially from China, as manufacturers reduced their output in line with the global economc downturn.

Local authorities and collection companies are so concerned about the mountains of paper, plastic bottles and cans that they are having to store that they have called for storage regulations to be eased....and to allow it to be kept in secure warehouses or abandoned military bases and former airfields.

Um - it's worthless, why does it need to be stored in high security locations? I've got an idea, after we have dug out gravel etc. we are left with some large holes in the ground, why not put it in them and if the prices recover then dig it up again. Or am I missing something?


Erm, surely if rubbish is not worth recycling then, um, we don't need to bother recycling it.

Am I being too simple?

Oh yes, we are required to recycle regardless of the economics by an EU directive. I was being too simple.

Whatever the charge for putting this waste to landfill was it cannot be very much more than the costs they have already incurred. There is the storage cost, plus the cost of double handling and then there is the transport costs they have incurred and the oncarriage they have yet to incur. This alone will be at least £15 per tonne assuming it has moved about 25 miles. (I have based my costs on aggregate costs). In all probibility it will be more. Also because waste is lighter than say aggregates rates are probably higher.

Is it possible to name and shame the pillocks who are responsible for this gross waste of public money and the total waste of peoples time in segregating this waste in the first place. After all we have plenty of holes to fill. Perhaps they would be a fitting resting place for the said pillocks?

Steel and aluminium scrap still has a value despite the fall in metal prices generally and the collapse in the steel market in particular. Aluminium is valuable as a feed stock for our own aluminium industry as it costs so much to produce from bauxite.

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