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Fuelling a culture of cynicism and despair

The Big Question: Is Hazel Blears right to accuse political bloggers of undermining democracy? -
UK Politics, UK - The Independent

"Political blogs are written by people with disdain for the political system and politicians, who see their function as unearthing scandals, conspiracies and perceived hypocrisy," she said. Blears maintains that: "Until political blogging adds value to our political culture, by allowing new voices, ideas and legitimate protest and challenge, and until the mainstream media reports politics in a calmer, more responsible manner, it will continue to fuel a culture of cynicism and despair."

Sorry - I plead guilty - though it is hard to think how to "add value" to a system that allows people like her to be taken seriously, am I allowed to say that or am I fuelling a culture of cynicism and despair? I hope so because I am feeling full of cynicism and despair looking across the cesspits of modern politics.


It's hard to imagine blogs making things any worse than Labour have made things in the first place when it comes to corruption, scandals, sleaze and general incompetence.


Disdain for the political process? Only the process as corrupted and bastardised by Nu Lab

Disdain for politicians? Absolutely.

Unearthing scandals? And why not. If there's corruption and misbehaviour the more it's brought into the open the better; it should not matter exactly who does that.

Unearthing conspiracies? Well if there are any, they should be unearthed, should they not?

Unearthing "perceived" hypocrisy? The word "perceived" as used here, tells you all you need to know. I am clever, you are devious, he perceives hypocrisy.

"Adds value to our political culture" - translation - "Agrees with the way I think"

"Legitimate Protest" - translation - "sanctioned by the Party"

In other words, you can have freedom of speech as long as you say acceptable things.


When I look at what Blears and her NuLabour confrères have done, and are about to do to the country, cynicism is not the emotion I feel. Shrieking, chest-pounding, furniture-gnawing rage is nearer the mark. In a just world, the overwhelming bulk of the Parliamentary Labour Party, and a goodly tithe from the other collections of jackals, would be shot in a ditch.

You silly silly people. You are so outdated that you assume the word 'Democracy' has some connection with your opinions and values.

In ZaNuLabour Britain, 'Democracy' means precisely the same as it used to mean in the phrase 'People's Democracy'.

Until bloggers can blog responsibly the government will have no option but to curtail the wilder impulses of the blogging community and monitor those that do blog irresponsibly. We cannot allow our democracy to be undermined by these types. They are as much a threat to our way of life as a bomb toting terrorist... in fact more so as their actions are insidious and gnaw away at the very fabric of civil society. This is not about free speech, it's about the very survival of British democracy and the way of life enjoyed by British families. The few should not be allowed to spoil it for the many merely on some spurious claim to the right of free speech.

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