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Hurt in the line of duty

MoD pays £4m to gays for breach of human rights - Times Online...the average payout was £61,500.

The MOD's lump sum payout for a level 5 injury in course of duty is £57,500 - (Table 10 to Annex A)

Level 5 Injuries include:

Burns, with deep second degree, third degree, or full thickness burns affecting 50 to 69 per cent of whole body surface area.

Complex injury covering all or most of the area from thigh to ankle or shoulder to wrist, with complications, causing permanent functional limitation and restriction.

Loss of both kidneys or chronic renal failure.

Spinal cord injury at vertebra T7 to T10.

Hemiplegia. (one-half of a patient's body is paralysed)


This post brought tears to my eyes.
Did we see the last of The big country?
My husband, a patriotic, conservative American and I, an expat-learned-to-love-America-with-a-passionate-love, have been in mourning, since the election.

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