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A Cunning Plan

Geoff Baker asks; "Have you got an address for Gordon Brown? I want to drop him a note to explain how he can end the war, make enough money to pay off both the national debt and those hoarding cunts currently known as banks and also get loads of back-slaps worldwide for it....."

I commend his plan to the house.


Yes! A good start!

And the un-recyclable recyclables to be stored on old Armed Forces bases? Use the burnables to fire furnaces to melt the glass and metals, make hypodermic needles! Holding back some of the plastic for intravenous-supply tubing!

Has he moved from 10 Downing?

I would have thought that (in the inimitable Derek & Clive manner) any letter addressed to "Cunt, London" would reach Brown -- but imagine the embarrassment if the note reached the head of the BBC instead...

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