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Flyover Britain

Islam is the reason British teachers are suddenly happy to teach creationism :: Damian Thompson

One in three teachers believe that creationism should be taught in school science lessons. Why? It's not becausethey've developed a sudden respect forfundamentalist Christian interpretations of the Bible. It's because devout Muslim pupils - and their parents - regard Darwin's teachings as blasphemous.
This is a battle that the educational establishment just isn't prepared for. Guardian readers associate creationism with US Republicans, not ethnic minorities. Now they face a painful dilemma: should they fight to exclude the creationist viewpoint from science lessons, risking accusations of Islamophobia from angry parents, or should they embrace pseudoscience in the name of cultural diversity? It's a tough one.

Not that tough a call for me....


This is a major threat to freedom of scientific thought. The idea that the world is "created" doesn't belong in science.
Sad fact is, Bible-believing Christians can and do accept evolution happened and continues to happen, but articulate presentation of the viewpoint is rare. There's the "Evangelicals for Darwin" weblog but I don't know of any other.

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