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Bjørn Lomborg Has Some Cool Headed Advice For Obama

A New Dawn - WSJ.com - Bjørn Lomborg

The benefits of climate-change policies are limited and costly. Instead, the president-elect needs to coolly evaluate competing priorities.....Change is definitely needed. Focusing on investment in malnutrition and disease could do immense good at low cost, brandishing a world where healthier and stronger humans can take charge of their own lives and deal better with the many challenges of the future.

Global warming also needs strong leadership. Avoiding the lost decades and misused resources of a Kyoto approach would be paramount, and a focus on 0.05% of GDP R&D would fix long-term global warming at much lower cost and with much higher probability of success. This, truly, would be change we could believe in.


If only the Chosen One would listen to such sensible advice, but I fear he is beholden to the Climate Alarmists to too great an extent.


Unless I'm mistaken Lomborg's advice is apparently still for top-down Big Government spending, although on something other than CO2 emissons reduction. He expands on this sort of thing a bit more in this video.

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