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BBC Reporter wound up by the Queen Mother

Which 'national treasure' said this? - Scotsman.com News

Edward Stourton, one of the BBC's most respected broadcasters, has claimed that the Queen Mother was a "racist" and "ghastly old bigot" as he tries to flog his book; "It's A PC World".

"'It will never work, you know,' she declared, using the already long out-of-date term the EEC. 'It will never work with all those Huns, Wops and Dagos.' The words were delivered with the eyes on maximum, tiara-strength twinkle, but I am afraid I froze.

"The Nation's Favourite Grandmother was in fact a ghastly old bigot, a prey to precisely the kind of prejudice which had driven the conflicts the European project had been designed to prevent. What she had said was nasty and ugly. Politically correct is what I felt the Queen Mother most emphatically was not and I was shocked."

Hugo Vickers, a royal commentator and the author of Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, was dismayed by Stourton's revelations. "These things were said to him at a private lunch party and I think they would have been said for effect, possibly to amuse him or possibly to surprise him," he said. "The Queen Mother lived in another age and she did say these sorts of things. Trying to put her into a box of political correctness is as silly as trying to put the sea into the sky."

"I remember talking to her once and she referred to the 'beastly Germans'. She did not like Germans but that was because her brother was killed in the First World War and her other brothers returned from the conflict as broken men. The Queen Mother didn't like any foreigners, to be quite frank. She probably didn't even like the English that much."

Hats off to the Old Girl, how she must have enjoyed winding up a prissy politically correct BBC reporter, and what was it she said that was wrong......


more to the point - she was right!

Well, the EEC is failing, and the reason is that it is run by all those Huns, Wops and Dagoes.

(I just wanted to be the first to say it.)

PS. Your spelling checker is quite happy with Huns and Wops, but it doesn't like Dagoes. (Or Dagos, for that matter. Presumably Frogs would be OK.)

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