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Britishness - the bolt-on extra?

Cameron calls for honesty on state of union - Scotsman.com News
"I believe we should be honest about the problems our union faces. It's not just that the SNP are running Scotland; it goes deeper than that. There is no doubt that the number of people who see themselves as British – ahead of Scottish, Welsh or English – is in decline."

Cameron added: "It is in fact about identity. You see it all over Europe, all over the world. People are seeking a clear identity; often a more localised identity. Just look at the rise of Cornish nationalists. I think we shouldn't fight that; I think we should build on top of that to create an inclusive British identity."

Gordon Brown has sought to strengthen the idea of a British identity, suggesting there be a "British" bank holiday, for example.

Cameron said he opposed such "mechanical" moves to strengthen a British identity, arguing instead that unionist politicians needed to renew "a sense of belonging" among people.

A survey in January in the Births Social Attitudes Report asked people to choose one national identity for themselves.

In England, 39% said they were British, down 9% from the previous year. In Scotland, only 3% of people said they considered themselves "only" or "mainly" British, down from 9% three years earlier.


I allways believed we were made up of 4 nationalities English,Irish,Scottish and Welsh and the nation as a whole was Britain so where has this Britishness come from?Ever since Labour gained power England has been denied, Prescott said there's no such country but Nelson,Wellington,Drake and others did what they did for England.All four nations had their own character and it seems to me this Promotion of Britishness and denial of England verges on racism and I believe stems from the E.U.'s regionalisation project.We English are denied our nationality on official forms and it's time some of our politicians stood up and spoke for England.

Aye it's time we English stood up and be counted!

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