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Did you enjoy a halcyon October?

GISS Releases (Suspect) October 2008 Data « Watts Up With That?
GISS Releases (Suspect) October 2008 Data

October 2008 “warmest” October on record (according to GISS)


Climate Audit points out the huge warming in Russia might be because a large number of the weather stations there are reporting that October was exactly the same temperature as September... hmmm

And as for the balmy warmth in the British Isles I can only speak for England where I failed to notice the warmth as also did the the official Central England Temperature Record which records an average for October 1951-80 as 10.52 degrees and Oct 2008 as 9.7. Even the Met Office says that
October 2008 - Maximum, minimum and mean daily temperatures were all below average across the UK.

But look again at the map in detail...


But Jim Hansen reckons it was a lot warmer, and who are we to argue...


It is still the same temperature in Moscow as it was in September. We had a cold summer and now we're having a warm autumn - middle of November and there's no snow, winter coat still in storage, sun streaming through the window.

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