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Climate Change - What to do

What to Do about Climate Change by Indur Goklany

A kind correspondent points me to this as an adjunct to the Lomborg article I highlighted. As he says:

The refreshingly clearheaded Indur Goklany makes similar arguments to Lomborg - that controlling emissions to offset things like malaria is extremely bad value compared with focused adaptation, both in terms of cost and outcome. But unlike our Danish friend sees no need to factor in a marginal 'social cost of carbon' or even funding for R&D.

If you are familiar with the core arguments he's made, there's nothing new here, otherwise I would strongly recommend it. Mr. Goklany should be as famous as Bjorn Lomborg but he does not try to provoke or go for sensation, not that that's a particular problem.


Interesting, but I have a basic beef. The author goes on about "climate change", the non-sequitor de nos jours to mix tags. We all know that this is code for global warming, which isn't happening. When someone says "climate change", they should be challenged at once to define the term, and the argument can proceed from there.

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