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Never shall be slaves

Royal Navy in firefight with Somali pirates - Times Online
Pirates caught redhanded by one of Her Majesty’s warships after trying to hijack a cargo ship off Somalia made the grave mistake of opening fire on two Royal Navy assault craft packed with commandos armed with machineguns and SA80 rifles.

In the ensuing gunfight, two Somali pirates in a Yemeni-registered fishing dhow were killed, and a third pirate, believed to be a Yemeni, suffered injuries and subsequently died. It was the first time the Royal Navy had been engaged in a fatal shoot-out on the high seas in living memory.

By the time the Royal Marines boarded the pirates’ vessel, the enemy had lost the will to fight and surrendered quietly. The Royal Navy described the boarding as “compliant”.

The gun battle was in stark contrast to the Royal Navy’s last encounter with a boatful of armed men - when crew members of HMS Cornwall, also a Type 22 frigate, patrolling in the Gulf in rigid raiders, were surrounded by heavily armed Iranian Revolutionary Guards in March last year. Eight sailors, including a woman, Leading Seaman Faye Turney, and seven Marines were taken hostage without a shot being fired, and detained for 13 days. The Commons Defence Committee described the incident as “a national embarrassment”.

Yesterday’s battle signalled a new policy of maximum robustness for the Royal Navy on the high seas. Captain Mike Davis-Marks, a senior spokesman for the Navy, said: “This is bound to have an impact on pirates who for the last two years have been getting away with seizing vessels and receiving large ransoms. Now suddenly there’s the threat of death and this may force them to think again, but they are determined people, so we’ll have to see.”

That's more like it - I have hoisted the appropriate signal.


Robustness? My God do I hate that word Robust....It is so Tony Fuckin Bliar.

All the same, well done chaps. keep it up.


The surviving pirates should have been drumhead court martialed, hanged, then buried at sea.

For us landlubbers (oh the shame of it!) could you translate, please?

If I were a betting man, my money would be on "Engage the enemy more closely!"

Better. Yet...

I note that the item mentions shots fired on the Danish and British, no notice of shooting at the Russian ship/crew. I suspect even pirates in remote areas would suspect that the return fire would be immediate and involve one-to-two-inch (circa 20mm or greater) rounds, not a return engagement at a later date with rifles/pistols.

The signal is "Splice the Main Brace" or a double ration of rum.

Har harr!

I sincerely hope this isn't part of Gordon's wave of populist spin in preparation for a snap election.

But you know, it could be.

@teqjack : I rather suspect something larger, the Russian armed forces not being noted for using the minimum force necessary, probably more like 100mm rounds until there was nothing left to shoot at.

Well as long as the Muslim pirates have sanctuaries in the form of mother boats and villages on the coasts they will be active if everything follows the historical norm. When their villages get raided, the men killed, and the villages burned down is when they usually decide to go back to fishing, smuggling, and agriculture for a living.
The societies that the pirates come from usually have a surplus of uneducated males so they can take a pretty high casualty rate at sea. When it looks like the whole tribe may be wiped out is when they back off. Unfortunately it usually takes and example or two to discourage them.

"Unfortunately it usually takes an example or two to discourage them. "

Why UNfortunately?

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