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Anti-tobacco movement in Nazi Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nazi Germany initiated a strong anti-tobacco movement and led the first public anti-smoking campaign in modern history. Anti-tobacco movements grew in many nations from the beginning of the 20th century, but these had little success except in Germany where the campaign was supported by the government after the Nazis came to power. It was the most powerful anti-smoking movement in the world during the 1930s and early 1940s. The Nazi leadership condemned smoking and several of them openly criticized tobacco consumption. Research on smoking and its effects on health thrived under Nazi rule and was the most important of its type at that time. Hitler's personal distaste for tobacco and the Nazi reproductive policies were among the motivating factors behind their campaign against smoking, and this campaign was associated with both antisemitism and racism.

The Nazi anti-tobacco campaign included banning smoking in trams, buses and city trains, promoting health education, limiting cigarette rations in the Wehrmacht, organizing medical lectures for soldiers and raising the tobacco tax. The Nazis also imposed restrictions on tobacco advertising, tobacco rationing for women, and smoking in public spaces, and they regulated restaurants and coffeehouses....

Thank goodness that that sort of Health Fascism was defeated even at the cost of millions of lives....


LOL, but how come they're winning without a fight this time.

Because we haven't Godwin-clobbered them enough.

Those Nazis really were evil, weren't they? Protecting public health - honestly, what next?!

We certainly had a lucky escape there comrade. Next thing you know they'll be sending national health service staff in to schools to lecture children on what food they should have in their lunchboxes so they can dictate by proxy to their parents ... oh wait, what's this letter the kids have brought home from school today?

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