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The Cost of Food

Crop sprays a risk to health, rules High Court - Telegraph
And the Government has been ordered to "rethink" its policies on pesticides so that human health is given more priority.
The ruling by Mr Justice Collins is a landmark victory for Georgina Downs who launched a one-woman campaign after her own health was damaged by crop spraying. ...

I suppose The Telegraph can get away without inserting "she claimed" in the second sentence as she has persuaded Mr Justice Cocklecarrot that her symptoms were caused by evil industrial agrochemicals. Not a shred of scientific proof as far as I can see apart from anecdotes. Of course I feel sorry for her, she is sick, but not as sick as the kids who live far far away from her rural idyl who will be unable to afford food as the costs she is imposing on farming are translated in higher food prices.


"Of course I feel sorry for her..."

Personally I don't feel sorry for her at all. It's a pretty safe bet that anyone with vague, flu-like symptoms they ascribe to an environmental cause is a nutball. If they're the kind of hysterical won't-take-no-for-an-answer harpie who starts campaigns like this, they're guaranteed to find a quackish doctor or browbeat a suitable diagnosis out of one. Typical neurotic leftie. I'd bet my bottom dollar it's all psychosomatic or due to some bizarre natural diet/herbal remedies etc she's on.

She appears to have got a free ride, did no one question the "evidence" if any. What else did she inhale in her life? One does have to question the way our justice system works. Mind you it won't matter soon, the EU are on the case, new rule on pesticides due, that should increase the price of food yet again

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