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Regulate the Internet - It's for the children

Booze ad restrictions 'no use without power over internet' - Scotsman.com News

CONTROLS on alcohol advertising should be extended to the internet as part of the drive against under-age drinking, a conference in Edinburgh will be told next week....

The current code on drinks ads says they must not link alcohol with sex, social success or daring behaviour; show alcohol being handled irresponsibly; or depict people who appear to be under 25.

"Ultimately, this is where the regulatory battleground is happening."


Not controlling the internet is a constant sore point with the left...any excuse to try and exercise some control(for the good of course) is constantly grasped at....it's what they do!

But it is related to sex, social success and daring behaviour. Alcohol was invented so the ugly can get laid, so the introverts can venture into extroversion, and personally, I never dare to climb lamp-posts and wave my pants in the are when sober.

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