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George Osborne - Enemy of The People

BBC NEWS | Politics | Osborne faces pressure over pound
Sterling has fallen sharply in recent weeks amid fears about a UK recession.

It has lost more than a quarter of its value against the dollar and hit a near-record low against the euro.

On Saturday, Mr Osborne said the more the prime minister borrowed, the less attractive the currency would become.

His comments attracted criticism from Labour politicians...Chancellor Alistair Darling questioned Mr Osborne's political judgement...Mr Brown, who is also in Washington, said he was disappointed by Mr Osborne's "partisan talk"....some MPs suggested that the shadow chancellor could find himself in serious trouble if the pound plunges when currency markets open again on Monday.

He is a State Traitor for pointing out the bleeding obvious which the Great Helmsman and his musteline sidekick have declared to be untruths. He must be hounded by the organs of the state and its loyal followers. He escaped once after our fearless Sleazebusters had him cornered, it can not be allowed to happen again. Comrades, do you duty.


As night follows day a labour government means that there will be an economic crisis, accompanied by a sterling crisis. Osborne was simply drawing attention to the obvious. Soon Gordon, the Potemkin de facto Chancellor and his droogie Darling will follow Healey in having to go snivelling to the IMF looking to be bailed out of their mess.

The other thing to wonder about, knowing his chances of getting through the next election without a large boot up the backside are zero, is if the Anti-Midas Brown is conducting a scorched-earth policy. Personally I don't think so. I think Brown, despite all the evidence to the contrary, actually believes he knows what he's doing when it comes to money - other people's money.

It's actually fairly typical behaviour for the socialists. Unable to separate the concepts of party and nation any criticism of the former is treated as treason to the latter.

The deeper the buggers sink into the mire the more pronounced this behaviour will become.

ps I like musteline, I must use it more in conversation.

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