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Tories To Be Educated - at last.

Conservative MPs will be forced to keep up with science - Times Online

Conservative MPs are to get compulsory lessons in scientific literacy under a plan to strengthen evidence-based policy-making.
Classes explaining scientific method and basic concepts will be included in the induction programme for all Tory MPs after the next election, and sitting members and peers will also be offered the opportunity to attend, The Times has learnt. ...
Though scientific challenges such as global warming, stem-cell research, pandemic flu and GM crops are becoming increasingly important political issues, Parliament and the Civil Service have long been dominated by people with backgrounds in the humanities, law and business. Both the Cabinet and the Shadow Cabinet each have just one full member with a degree in science, medicine or engineering: John Denham, the Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, who studied chemistry; and Liam Fox, the Shadow Defence Secretary, who is a medical doctor.

No wonder they are so in awe of charlatans who infest our daily briefings on the state of the world. Not being au fait and being rigorous in the use of the scientific method should rule you out from any job more responsible than cleaning chewing gum off the street.


Wonder if they'll get Roger Helmer to talk to them...?

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