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Spend and Splurge - The Plan To Correct The Overspending and Splurging

Billions to be spent on hospitals and schools - Times Online

Whitehall officials told The Times yesterday that the spending of about £15 billion in NHS surpluses and other capital projects would be brought forward and the details disclosed in the Pre-Budget Report next week. This money is available because Whitehall departments have not proceeded with some building schemes as fast as the Treasury had intended.
Labour also believes that speeding up spending on schools and hospitals will help to sharpen the widening political divide with the Conservatives.
The Government is also preparing tax cuts for low-income families who would be more likely to spend, not save, the extra cash.

Schools and Hospitals, haven't we been here before. And of course low income families shouldn't be paying tax anyway but while they may splash the cash around they aren't the one who will build up the economy by building up businesses, that is being left to the over-taxed over-regulated off-overseas middle classes.



It's just another brick in the wall of El Gordo's pre-election spin blitz.

Probably nothing will change, except a few more mugs will decide to vote for him in February, or May, or whenever it is to be.

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