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Even Tories Are Telling Dave It's Time To Grow A Pair

Don't blame George Osborne, the falling pound is Gordon Brown's fault - Telegraph

Peter Mandelson and Gordon Brown have peddled some pretty good bilge in their time, but I don't think I have ever seen anything so bare-faced and intellectually putrid as their attempt to blame the Tories for the sorry state of the pound....

Of all the Government's pretences, perhaps the most sickening and self-serving is that none of this matters, that there is no use crying over spilt milk, and that the most patriotic thing we can do is keep silent while Gordon the great helmsman gets on with saving the country and the world.

That, again, is phooey. We need to have an urgent argument about this devaluation and its causes, not least since devaluation is not, in itself, an unmixed evil. ...

We all want tax cuts. Of course we do. We need to stimulate consumption and confidence as quickly as possible.

The danger is that Gordon may be tempted to do this in such a way as to make matters worse. George Osborne is paid to warn of such risks, and he is absolutely right to do so.

Even Iain Dale says "We need a bit more of this from the Shadow Cabinet. If they allow Brown to set the terms of the debate, the debate will be over before they know it. Passion. Anger. Attack. That's what we need more of."

The Tories are being pathetic, out spun, failing to set the agenda, failing to oppose; No wonder David Davis is itching to take over and start biting a few ankles.


Don't you also think the residual trace of bullshit on Brown's lips is a clue?

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