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Google Searchwiki Is Here

Google's SearchWiki allows users to personalise their results - Times Online

A new way to personalise Google internet searches has been launched by the company. SearchWiki allows users to delete search results they do not like, promote the ones they do like to the top of the listing and to comment on them.

The new feature, which is being rolled out in the next few hours..

That explains all those arrows and crosses on my search results - I thought my eyes were still bleary from last night....

So if I do a simple innocent trial search - kinky katie holmes - Google Search - Wow! Look! I can promote my site.
What japes!


Does it mean that I can eliminate all the junk.

If I want to search on Google for Bloggs Ltd, makers of floggle toggles then I will get many screens full of companies claiming to be able to sell me a Bloggs floggle toggle but I am unlikely to find the website for Bloggs Ltd where I can get some meaningful information.

Similarly if I search by the name of the smallest hamlet in the Britain then I will get screens full of offers of information about electricians, plumbers, solicitors, various car dealers, car hire etc in that place even though there might only be two houses there. When you visit most of these sites there is nothing there, just a blank page for that hamlet.

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