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ID Cards - they are so good for you!

Introducing the National Identity Scheme
How the Scheme will work and how it will benefit you - pdf

The UK Identity and Passport Service have published yet another launch document for the National Identity Scheme. The 20 page propaganda piece is entitled "Introducing the National Identity Scheme - How the Scheme will work and how it will benefit you" with illustrative examples to show what the government thinks an ID card could do for you. For instance a 19 year old goes up to a bar "digs in her bag and pulls out her identity card. She hands it over which confirms that she is in fact 19. As she puts the card back in her purse she is relieved that she no longer has to hand over documents with her address on them to prove her age". Or Dave who wants to get a mortgage and "is pleasantly surprised to be told that, as he has his identity card with him, they can verify his details now and start processing his application immediately". The document doesn't mention that once your details are in the database they are in there for life, that it is your responsibility to keep that data up to date and to not lose your card, that you can't check your record, that there are fines for any errors or if you fail to keep your data up to date, and that the National Identity Register Number will be used to track you for the rest of your life.

Thanks to regular reader DA for that.


If these cards are really so awesome then why does the government have to force us to have them, I wonder?

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