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The Best of Blog Archiving

A very kind chap of the name John Murphy has a whizzy idea to offer the best of blogs as pdfs. He did a trial run on this blog - BestofAEC2008.pdf . A warning, whilst I would have thought the best of this blog would easily fit on a beer mat the file he produced is 7.5 MB. You will need to slaughter a small flock to produce the vellum you will want to print it out on.

One or two small issues with the format on his trial run but generally I think it is great. And as a sop to my vanity even better. If you have a similar yearning or idea then John can be contacted on johnpiersmurphy At google mail DOTCOM


Never mind the bloody vellum... I'll have to slaughter a whole gaggle of geese just to make enow quills.

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