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Roll Up Roll Up To The Greatest Show On Earth!

Darling plans top tax rate of 45% - Scotsman.com News

FOR Alistair Darling, it is the challenge of a lifetime. Even his friends admit his downbeat style and monotone delivery are unlikely to make this afternoon's Pre-Budget Report in the Commons great political theatre.
Yet interest in the speech is feverish and all eyes will be on the Chancellor as he tries to pull off arguably the biggest financial conjuring-trick in British political history.

That's our future being pissed against the wall that is. At least he could put on the top hat and red coat and add a few performing seals as we watch the shambles

pl.n. (used with a sing. verb)

    1. A scene or condition of complete disorder or ruin: “The economy was in a shambles” (W. Bruce Lincoln).
    2. Great clutter or jumble; a total mess: made dinner and left the kitchen a shambles.
    1. A place or scene of bloodshed or carnage.
    2. A scene or condition of great devastation.
  1. A slaughterhouse.
  2. Archaic. A meat market or butcher shop.

[From Middle English shamel, shambil, place where meat is butchered and sold, from Old English sceamol, table, from Latin scabillum, scamillum, diminutive of scamnum, bench, stool.]



Shambles indeed. It's sad that we are all going to pick up an enormous tab for this for years and years and years to come.

It is all very some people getting their knickers in a twist over 45% income tax, and personally I am in favour of a flat tax, but I recall paying 60% under the Tories before they cut it. Someone said on the radio today that the £150K limit will hit 15% of taxpayers. I seem to recall in the twilight years of the Tories only 0.25% of taxpayers earned over £100K. Gordon has been very generous to the wealthy, it is those in the middle who have been stuffed.

I was wishing for 2a, but that would be the Glorious Day, and I'd be too busy celebrating Over Here.

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