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Yet doe I feare thy Nature, It is too full o' th' Milke of humane kindnesse

NHS want to close smoking room for terminally ill patients in Birmingham - Sunday Mercury
POLITICALLY correct NHS bosses in Birmingham are battling to ban a smoking room for terminally ill patients – forcing them to be turfed out into the cold to enjoy their final cigarettes.

The Government’s Smoke Free legislation, which came into force last July, banning smokers from lighting up in restaurants, clubs and other workplaces, clearly states that care homes and hospices treating cancer victims in the final stages of the disease are exempt.

But when board members of South Birmingham Primary Care Trust, in charge of the unit, heard of plans to upgrade the smoking room with a new ventilation system, the whole scheme went up in smoke.

Bureaucrat Dr Chris Spencer-Jones, South Birmingham public health director, ranted against the renovation plans, saying he did not care if lifelong smokers were dying, he still didn’t want them smoking indoors.

“It doesn’t matter if patients might be terminally ill,” said Dr Spencer-Jones, who also heads the British Medical Association’s (BMA) national committee for public health.

I note the good Doctor's Areas of Special Interest are:

Asylum seeker/refugee health
Health inequalities
Patient/public involvement
Breast screening
Joint working (social services)
Public health
Medical ethics
Medical workforce issues
Sexual health
End of life issues
Contraceptive services
Drug/alcohol misuse
Postgraduate education
Ethnic minorities

His previous includes:
HEALTH MATTERS: Getting a move on over people's bad habits; Smoking, drinking, a poor diet and lack of exercise can all pose a serious threat to public health. Health Reporter Emma Brady spoke to Dr Chris Spencer-Jones about calling time on these bad habits ... and supermarkets selling alcohol.(News) - The Birmingham Post (England)

What a nice man he is.

H/T Leg Iron


Progressivism, of which the health profession are a primary driver, is a pietistic moralist movement- this arsehole is just the secular version of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. We need to find a way to take the fight to them. They'll be the ruin of us all.

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