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Logging Global Warming

Adjusting Temperatures for the ENSO and the AMO ォ Watts Up With That? is the blog post you must read today - a simple demolition of the CAGW theory - (CAGW - Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Global Warming) - Yes there is warming but it's not that much and won't be that much (and if we removed some of the errors in the record it would probably be even less)
Al Fin has produced an excellent summary, so go there first.


Oh dear - look who's become a warmist. Boris is very confused: first he is quoted making the usual idiotic statement to the effect that "we need to concentrate efforts to slash carbon emissions and become more energy efficient in order to prevent dangerous climate change," which he follows up with a quite sensible proposal that " . . we also need to prepare for how our climate is expected to change in the future."

Are any (of our) politicians completely sane?

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