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It's Pronounced Beaver Castle

"Lords, Ladies and Gamekeepers 2009-2010" is a glossy set of pin-ups for the game-room wall that is designed to gently titillate all those who oil guns, tie flies and tug forelocks.
The patriarchal photographs include Her Grace the Duchess of Rutland in a thigh-high split skirt sharing a joke with Malcolm Partridge, her head keeper at Belvoir Castle.


Click here - to purchase the newly published LORD, LADIES & GAMEKEEPERS 2009/10 CALENDAR


I tried to purchase one of these calendars. The site informed me that it only provides access to people who use Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers.

I use Opera, because it is the fastest, securest and most standards-compliant browser. So I will not be purchasing the aforementioned object....

i am very interested why belvoir is pronounced beaver . and be greatfull if someone could let me know.Thankyou c.hickson

this website sucks!

The English had a difficult time pronoucing Belvoir and called it Beaver instead. The pronunciation stuck.

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