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The Three Leaked Stories

A scary use of police time | Coffee House

So what did Damian Green leak that has warranted his arrest? From what I can gather, here are the three of the stories in this case...
February 2008 – Illegal immigrant found cleaning the Commons with a fake identity pass 
February 2008 – Details of a secret blacklist of Labour MPs suspected of plotting to defeat Gordon Brown’s flagship terror reforms which had been drawn up by the party’s whips
September 2008 A leaked memo from Jacqui Smith to the PM running through the consequences of the economic downturn on crime. 

I don’t want to think I live in a country where anyone, far less opposition politicians, can get banged up for scrutinising the government in this way. And what will the public think tomorrow morning: “naughty Mr Green” or “what kind of police state is this?” No wonder No10 is stressing that Gordon Brown had “no prior knowledge” of what looks like calamitously heavy-handed policing. This could end up being a disaster for him.

At the moment these seem to be the stories that Mr Green was arrested over, though obviously there may be something else we don't know yet. So I'm happy to ensure they are brought again into public attention.

Gordon seems to be claiming he was running round the room with his fingers in his ears shouting "Na, na, na, I can't hear you" when the police consulted with their political masters prior to this arrest. It isn't as though he is a control freak who demands to be in charge of everything is it? I'm sure Cabinet members versed in the dark arts will be slitheringly whispering this morning that there is no smoke without fire, and it was noticeable that the Labourgraph was quick to say " the arrest of such a senior Conservative figure who hopes to become a Home Office minister will embarrass the opposition. He is now likely to face pressure to resign from the Tory front bench."
How the rest of Her Majesty's Press and the public react I don't know. But with Boris in the vanguard - A spokesman said the Mayor finds it hard to believe that on the day when terrorist have gone on the rampage in India that anti terror police in Britain have apparently targeted an elected representative of Parliament for no greater crime than allegedly receiving leaked documents. The Mayor told the new acting commissioner of the Met that he would need to see convincing evidence that this action was necessary and proportionate. - the Tories should stick by their man, the principles and their outrage and hammer those responsible, even if they claim they they were elsewhere like Macavity - The Mystery Cat


Opposition politician gets banged up for daring to question government policy? Good God! That Mugabe fellow has a lot to answer. What? You mean in Britain? Surely not. Must be something to do with people whose name begins with M. Does anyone else detect the hand of the Prince of Darkness. It's like Vlad the impaler! Mandelson going around sticking people's heads on poles in order to "encourage des aûtres"

Even Tony Benn is critical of Green's arrest.

We have now reached the point where opposing the scum of Labour has consequences. There is only one question left: do we have the balls to do it? If not, we deserve all we get.

I will make a small start by writing to my MP. It won't count for much, but I will do so enclosing my name and address. That is...

38, Ridsdale Street,
County Durham.

I will do this because I am proud to say I despise the disgusting scum of Labour an everything they stand for, and if that means in modern Britain that I am to be arrested, then I will be proud to be arrested, and I will spit in the faces of the police.

After that, I cannot say. I am not brave, although modern times would appear to require brave people.

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