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Two Britain Labour

John Redwood MP サ Two Britains and public sector inflation

We certainly have two Britains. The government has split the country into the hard working compliance ridden tax paying private sector, shivering without cash and awaiting the call of the well heeled state Inspector, and the overbearing, camera wielding, humourless, play by the increasing number of rules politically correct Inspector state where any amount of borrowed money can be channelled into more nonsense. This is why the state can afford to prosecute us for parking in the wrong place, for offering a client a glass of wine or for using the wrong words to describe people, festivals or religious observance with no sense of proportion.

There is a growing sense of injustice amongst all those who run businesses and try to make a contribution through the private sector, and growing sense of unfairness between the towns and districts where people mainly work in the private sector, and the ones where a majority now draw their income from tax and public borrowing.

Quite - on the money as always.


There was a wonderful story in the papers last week about how employment in the public sector is going up - yes, up - at the same time as the private sector is suffering.

Labour will do anything to expand the public sector at an ever-increasing cost to people like us.

But what to do? Is there any evidence that the mainstream Tory leadership a) recognises this as a problem b) has the nerve and intent to do something about it?

Yes, yes, there's UKIP and Libertarian Party for people like me. And if I were a frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Western Lefty, there's the SWP and RESPECT. None of them are going to get within sniffing distance of real power, so what's the point?

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