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Do we need another Earth Summit?

BBC NEWS | The Reporters | Richard Black
The series of major summits on the human environment, or on environment and development, or on sustainable development, that have marked the last decades.

The question being asked now is: do we need another one?

And I'm not talking about something like the UN climate conference currently going on in Poland, or the Convention on Migratory Species meeting in Rome; but something huge, all-encompassing, potentially epoch-making, which Stockholm and Rio, if not Nairobi and Johannesburg, arguably were.

The reasons why another summit is needed are not hard to see. As the UN Environment Programme reported last year, virtually every indicator of the world's environmental health is pointing downhill.

In a nutshell, these past summits have not brought the sea-changes needed to put societies on a sustainable path.

So what do you think? Is it worth it? If it is, what should the priorities be?

I can't promise that your thoughts will travel further than this blog; but you never know.

Do we need another one? Short answer, "No". Long answer, "No, of course not." Your views may differ.


Longer answer: "No, of course not, and it would be in the best interests of those of us who still value our freedom to take careful note of who it is attends these things, so that when the time comes they can be garrotted in the most efficient manner."

Summits are great for the food and wine and I believe the service can be quite good too.

Still longer answer: "No, of course not, because all these ponces do, no matter the actual words spoken, is sit around and devise manifold and varied ways in which they can deprive us of yet more of our a.) freedom and b.) money. In fact, [2,000-word bloodthirsty rant edited]."

But I think David said it more succinctly. "Garrotting" is a worthy end for these bastards.

No, no, a million times no.

One can only too easily imagine the kind of world-government global-warming sandal-wearing warm-and-cuddly claptrap all these tranzies will produce if let loose, and the hay that would subsequently be made by Al-Beeb and The Graun, to be lapped up* in turn by the leftist elites.

If anything can be done to stop this, it should be done.

* If that's not a mixed metaphor too far...

A Summit is a splendid oppurtunity to use one's company credit card, stay in expensive hotels and generally live off the fat of the land on largesse provided by taxpayers. Whats not to like ?

But have you considered the consequences for the local sex industry if such conferences are banned?

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