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Gosh a business wants to make more money, we can't have that.

Marlborough takeway's extra hours bid criticised (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)
On Monday the town council planning committee discussed a proposal by the Charcoal Grill kebab and burger takeaway at the back of Hughenden Yard to open until 3.30am on Fridays and Saturday nights.

Councillors came up with several reasons for objecting.

Coun Marian Hannaford Dobson said she was surprised to see one of the reasons stated in the application for the longer hours was “making more money”.

And she is a "Conservative", I'm not sure Councillors have quite got the hang of why people want to fry burgers at all hours of the night...

(As an aside I used to have an office next door to this kebab shop, to save queuing they would actually bring the programmers their burgers to their desks, and as it was a smoking office the code jockeys had no reason to ever leave their keyboards....)


Too many people it seems have forgotten the relationship between work and money...something is seriously wrong.

Let's see if a store stays open longer hours and makes more money they might just be able to hire some more full time or part time help. Both the increase in the goods sold and the wages paid would increase tax revenue wouldn't it? Silly me, I forgot the goal is to get everyone who doesn't work for the government onto the dole which will be paid for by borrowing and then eventually printing money.

"It would be easiest for us print money and drop it by airplane but somebody would complain that someone else had a larger rake."

"and as it was a smoking office the code jockeys had no reason to ever leave their desks"

Ah, those were the days!

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