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The Funniest Adverts Ever

Kung-fu bear fights way to top of advert charts - Scotsman.com News

AN ADVERT filmed in 2000 on the River Dee featuring a kung-fu fight between a hungry bear and a determined fisherman has been voted the funniest of all time.
The advert also saw the Aberdeen and Grampian Tourist Board receive hundreds of inquiries from big-game hunters about visiting Deeside – chosen because it resembles Alaska.

In second place was an advert for Blackcurrant Tango, made in 1996, in which the brand's fictional spokesman, Ray Gardner, leads a march of hundreds to Dover's white cliffs. There he strips to purple shorts and stands in a boxing ring challenging France and the rest of the world after being criticised by a French exchange student.

Third place went to the 1989 Hamlet cigar advert starring Gregor Fisher,..

I didn't know that the salmon advert was filmed in Scotland, maybe Sarah Palin is actually from Inverness.

But the dear old Scotsman still hasn't got the new media because where are the links to the adverts? Don't worry I have done it for you below the fold (even the naughty tobacco one).


Never seen the Tango ad... bloody brilliant.

Although a sequel featuring a bloodied and battered Sebastian would have been excellent.

By the way, speaking of black-thingies... has Mr. FM handed over your little treat from Texas, yet?

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