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Don't Worry Darling Anatole Says It Is All Great

Borrow, spend... then recoup it in energy taxes | Anatole Kaletsky - Times Online
Where will the money come from?...
There is nothing wrong with printing money - and plenty of it - in a period when prices are falling, property and stockmarket values are collapsing, banks are paralysed and the only assets that savers are willing to invest in are pieces of paper issued by the government.
Printing money and spending it on public works or on tax cuts, far from being profligate or imprudent in such conditions, is the only responsible thing for politicians to do. This is what Keynes demonstrated in 1936 in his General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money...
The Tories are plain wrong to attack the increase in borrowing planned by the Government for next year....
There is one type of tax crying out to be raised in the present environment because it would actually strengthen the economy. This is a tax on energy, carbon or fossil fuels....
If President-elect Obama wants to save the auto industry, revive US manufacturing, control government borrowing and restore US geopolitical independence, now is the time to announce a long-term increase in energy taxes.
Never again will the stars be so favourably aligned.

And so spoke "one of the country's leading commentators on economics, formerly Economics Editor and now an Associate Editor of The Times."


Kaletsky has been sucking up to Brown for years. Skidelsky and a couple of others have got Peerages, he wants his. Perhaps when he gets it he will go back to being a proper commentator.

I am sitting here with my many chins on the floor, I can't believe I jus read what I read. I'll try again later after I've had a few drinks, maybe it will make sense then.

And you're surprised? Kaletsky has never talked sense before, what makes you think he is about to start now? ;-)

But it doesn't matter, the point where anything could have been done about the UK sliding into 2nd world status was 4 years ago, when the housing market was crashing but got resurrected into one massive zombie with liar loans.

Let them tax all they want -- by now the list of tax plans I'm keeping points to a +200% tax liability if every beggar who demands it gets their piece of taxpayer flesh.

As they say in Germany...: you cannot pickpocket a nekkid man!

"In a stunning move today England has withdrawn from the United Kingdom. PM Brown was escorted to the border attired in the traditional tar and feathers."

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