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Council Scared Of Public Opinion

Metric Martyr wins battle over pounds and ounces market stall - Telegraph

Janet Devers, 64, who runs a family stall, has learned that Hackney council will no longer pursue four criminal charges against her for using imperial measurements.
Mrs Devers had elected for a jury trial, due to start on January 12 at Snaresbrook crown court, because she wanted to be "judged by my peers".


Early 2009 ...

Defense Barrister: "My Lord, I wish to call 2 hostile witnesses for the defense."

Judge: "And who are these witnesses?"

DB: "I wish to call Mr John Denham who has admitted such prosecutions should not be carried out but will not write to Councils to tell them so - he has been reported as saying he will get round to it in a few months time."

Judge: "Agreed. A most interesting witness! And your second hostile witness?"

DB: "I wish to call one of the Law Lords to express an opinion as to whether it is in the public interest to procede with this ridiculous case."

Judge: "While I can see the purpose of this evidence I would like to know how I could comment on my Noble Lord's evidence. How will it be assessed"

DB: "By the Jury, Your Honour, who are drawn from and represent the public in whose interest this prosecution is being brought."

Judge: "I see no purpose in this trial proceeding. Case dismissed, punitive costs against the person of Mr Denham and by Harringay Council to be paid by the individual concillors who agreed to this case going to trial. Madam, You are free to go without a spot or stain on your character. Got any of that lovely purple sprouting spare?..."

Nudge ... NUDGE. "Time to wake up darling - cup of tea waiting"

... Was it really only a dream?

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